Hilarious Pokemon Go Snorlax glitch sabotages player’s challenge reward

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Niantic / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player went viral after sharing their encounter with a bizarre Snorlax bug during the Kanto Celebration. The hilarious glitch had the giant ‘mon preventing the fan from collecting their reward.

Ever since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has had its fair share of technical hiccups. With millions of ‘mon caught every single day, it’s only inevitable that players will stumble upon the occasional bug every once in a while.

One Trainer went viral on February 21 after stumbling across a ridiculous glitch involving Snorlax’ giant behind. The fan’s video of the Gen I ‘mon blocking every Pokeball thrown had the community in stitches. 

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The giant Pokemon became the star of a viral Go bug.

Pokemon Go player encounters bizarre Snorlax bug

On February 21, Niantic celebrated the Pokemon series’ 25th anniversary with a free Kanto Celebration. The limited-time event had players catching popular monsters from Red & Green which released in Japan in 1996.

A player participating in the celebration found themselves stuck when a glitch prevented them from catching their Eevee reward. Go Trainer ‘eten123’ went viral after sharing the discovery on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit.

The player uploaded a video which shows them clicking their reward, only to find a Snorlax sitting on top of the wild Eevee. They then throw multiple Poke Balls, only for each one of them to bounce off Snorlax’s butt.  “Do I need a Pokeflute before I can catch this Eevee?” the fan exclaimed, making a reference to the sleeping giant ‘mon in the main games.

The ridiculous glitch had the community doubled over with laughter. “Oh my poor Eevee,” a fan wrote. One player replied, “Love how you tried to throw it and even tried between the legs too.” Another jokingly exclaimed, “Damn boy he thicc.”

Screenshot of Pokemon go players reacting to Snorlax glitch.

Despite being a frustrating situation, one user actually thought it could be a great feature. “Not for nothing, that seems like a pretty fun bug that can be turned into a feature. Give us a Pokeflute and once in a blue moon Snorlax appears and you just have a mini-game tap challenge to play the flute,” they said.

Screenshot of Pokemon fan who thinks Snorlax glitch could be a feature in Go.

According to several players, this glitch isn’t actually new, and had been reported during the beta stages of Go. So it’s interesting to see the bug pop up again out of the blue years later.

While the Snorlax prevented the Trainer from claiming their reward, the comedic situation gave the community a laugh. It’s also oddly fitting given the giant ‘mon’s lore in the series.

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