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GO Battle League analysis: Does Genesect match its Mythical status?

Published: 17/Aug/2020 17:50

by Paul Cot


Genesect is the latest Mythical species to be added to Pokemon Go. The question is though, does the bug-type live up to its reputation when it comes to GO Battle League?

The Paleozoic Pokemon has previously been available in the mobile game through paid-for Special Research and Timed Research in the Throwback Challenge event. Now though, trainers can encounter Genesect in abundance as it is available in Raid Battles – at least until August 21.

Theoretically, Mythical Pokemon should be superior to their ‘normal’ counterparts but as we know that isn’t always the case. Despite being so rare, there are often commonly seen Pokemon that can defeat it with ease – and we’re not even talking about type advantages.


Bug and steel typing

The Unova Mythical ‘mon is an interesting dual bug and steel-type. It shares this typing with Scizor which has very similar credentials when it comes to GO Battle League.

In terms of resistances to weaknesses, bug and steel make for good reading. Its only weakness is fire, which of course is doubled as fire is super effective against both bug and steel.

On the other hand, Genesect does have a total of 9 resistances, two of which are grass and poison – only dealing 39.1% damage. Its other resistances are bug, dragon, fairy, ice, normal, psychic, and steel.

Genesect Pokemon Go Mythical
Genesect is a Mythical Pokemon from the Unova region…


If GO Battle League was simply about typing, Genesect could be a really good option. As we know though, there is a lot more that determines whether a particular species is effective in PvP.


One of those is it moves. Specifically, how much damage and energy its Fast Moves generate. Then it is a question of whether there are low energy Charge Moves which are essential for success in GO Battle League.

Here are the Fast Moves available to Genesect:

  • Fury Cutter – 2 DPT, 4 EPT
  • Metal Claw – 2.5 DPT, 3 EPT

Neither of these are anything to shout about. While Fury Cutter may deal pathetic damage, at least it provides an avenue to build up some Charge Moves.

Meanwhile, those Charge Move options are as follows:

  • Hyper Beam – 150 damage, 80 energy
  • Magnet Bomb – 70 damage, 45 energy
  • X-Scissor – 45 damage, 35 energy

Many consider X-Scissor the best option but Magnet Bomb, along with Fury Cutter, gives you better coverage. It may require 10 more energy but the damage gains are worth it.


Ideally, Genesect users would utilize both of these but given the 100,000 Stardust cost, this would be an extravagant purchase. The incentive to do so is diminished when you consider Genesect’s stats.


As you’d expect, Genesect does have good stats. However, these aren’t suited to GO Battle League as they attack heavy.

Unfortunately, at least in this case, it is bulk that is required for PvP. Its stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 252 (53 of 827)
  • Defense: 199 (88 of 827)
  • Stamina: 174 (312 of 827)

This results in Genesect being a ‘soft’ pick. Of the three tiers in GO Battle League, Genesect is probably most suited to Ultra League due to its 3,353 max CP. Despite matching up well, it actually loses to a Pokemon it holds a type advantage over – Altered Forme Giratina.


This may sum up Genesect’s credentials in PvP – looks good on paper but doesn’t perform when it matters.