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Epic Pokemon Sword & Shield creation imagines new G-Max forms

Published: 30/May/2020 22:28

by Brent Koepp


A talented artist brought new G-Max forms to Sword & Shield. Their incredible creations envision what classic Pokemon might look like with the eighth generation feature.

Sword & Shield ushered Pokemon into its eighth generation with its release in 2019. The RPG takes place in the Galar region, and features the new game mechanic Dynamaxing, which turns monsters into towering giants.

However, only some characters have the ability to Gigantamax, which changes their physical form altogether. While there are only 31 of these in the game if you include the Isle of Armor DLC, a talented artist has added more with some stunning art.


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Game Freak
Sword & Shield introduced the new Dynamax and G-Max feature which transforms Pokemon.

Artist brings more G-Max Pokemon to Sword & Shield

Pokemon fan ‘_elite.4_‘ created some amazing concepts that re-imagine what our favorite monsters might look like in Sword & Shield if they had the ability to G-Max. The artists work has us wishing Game Freak would add more.

The first design posted on their Instagram is a gigantic version of Gen II starter evolution Typhlosion. The badger-like creature looks truly epic with the massive ring of fire and smoke hanging around its neck.

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According to the description, the smoke surrounding it would act as cover, as it shoots out fiery quills at the enemy. Not only is the drawing impressive, it actually feels like a natural fit for Sword & Shield.


Next up is the creepily adorable Ghost and Fairy Type Mimikyu, who introduced in Gen VII’s Sun & Moon. Appropriately, the monster mimics Pikachu’s iconic “fat” G-Max form, but has its looming spirit hand creeping up from underneath its disguise.

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WHAT? GIGANTAMAX PIKACHU NO! THAT'S GIGANTAMAX MIMIKYU! The Gigantamax Energy has given Pikachu a new form and as well, more strenght and popularity. And of course, Mimikyu's desire to be as popular as Pikachu grows exponentially while exposed to the Gigantamax Energy. That's why the two are so similar, but pay attention, Mimikyu is not as friendly as Pikachu. The giant arm on its back is fueled with envy, and will cause dizziness to whoever will touch it! It's G-Max Move is called G-Max Envy, a Ghost-Type Move that'll inflict the Curse status to the Opponents! What do you think? There will be Gigantamax Mimikyu in the upcoming DLC? . . . #pokéathome #fakemon #pokemon #pokemonart #artistsoninstagram #art #dailyart #pokemongo #like #nintendo #pokemonswordshield #anime

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Lastly we have the popular new Pokemon Dragapult, which was added in the Gen VIII games. The artist takes the Dragon and Ghost Type character and expands on its head, making it a full blown missile-style carrier. Seriously, how do we not have a G-Max of this yet?

While the creative art is interesting to imagine what could be, the upcoming Isle of Armor DLC releases some time in June, and will be adding new G-Max forms, including Venusaur and Blastoise.


Player’s still hooked on the Nintendo Switch title have a lot to look forward to in 2020, as the RPG is also getting more addon content in the form of The Crown Tundra, which is looking to drop in the Fall.