Detective Pikachu Director wishes there weren’t so many Pokemon in the movie

Ethan Dean
Detective Pikachu surrounded by Pokemon

Detective Pikachu was a smash hit upon its release in 2019 and seemingly broke the curse of poor video game adaptations on film. Despite its popularity, its Director has a lingering regret.

The incredible success of the Pokemon franchise seemed to guarantee a live-action movie at some point. The fact we didn’t see one until 2019’s loose adaptation of the Detective Pikachu spin-off game is the only surprise.

The massive success of the movie and the game it’s based on bleeds into the Pokemon Franchise to this day. Whether it’s Pokemon Go events, Detective Pikachu Returns, or the film’s inevitable sequel, there’s no escaping its impact.

Given the massive success that Pikachu in a hat has had, you would think it would be a point of pride for its creatives. A recent interview from The Direct with Detective Pikachu Director Rob Letterman did reveal one point of remorse though.

Detective Pikachu Pokemon Battle
In Detective Pikachu’s Ryme City, Pokemon battles are illegal.

Letterman explained that certain technical elements of production made Detective Pikachu “very complex” to shoot. The sheer amount of Pokemon that appeared in, and needed to be rendered for the film slowed things down.

“You know, I just remember, it was a while ago; we had so many Pokemon characters in that thing,” Letterman explained. “I think I remember wishing we had less, not wishing there was one more.”

Despite this small point of contention, Letterman has a lot of fond memories of his time on Detective Pikachu. “I did love that movie,” he said. “And I love spending time in Tokyo. It was such an amazing experience.”

Letterman revealed he was meant to direct the upcoming sequel before recent global events waylaid him. “I was attached to the sequel of it for a minute immediately after the movie came out, I just have no involvement now.”

Detective Pikachu Bulbasaur
Some people find the lifelike Pokemon in Detective Pikachu unsettling, not Bulbasaur though.

While Detective Pikachu’s film sequel is currently in the works, not much is known about it. Jonathan Krisel who previously worked on Television comedies Portlandia and Moonbase 8 has been tapped as its Director.

With no official word on a release date, those excited about Detective Pikachu’s sequel will have a long wait ahead of them. Until then, they can content themselves with the recently released Detective Pikachu Returns on Nintendo Switch.