xQc Gets Denied By Incredible Play from Enemy Winston in Ranked Overwatch

L: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel found himself on the receiving end of an epic Winston play while streaming ranked matches.

Formerly a main tank for Dallas Fuel and the current main tank for the Team Canada Overwatch World Cup squad, xQc is widely regarded as one of the best western players in his role.

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During a recent stream, however, he had the tables turned on him when an opponent pulled off an incredibly smart and well-executed Winston play to deny xQc and secure the round on Lijiang Tower.

xQc himself was flexing as D.Va, and as his team set up for what would be their final attempt at securing the point he saw an opening, sending his MEKA flying in to self-destruct, confident in securing multiple kills.

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Just as the explosion was about to go off, however, the enemy Winston leapt into the air to intercept, placing a bubble around it and saving his team. xQc could do nothing but give credit where it was due.

That wasn’t the end, however, as the enemy Winston was about to add insult to injury. xQc proceeded to dive in on the enemy Mercy, looking to isolate them near the edge of the map, but the enemy Winston again saw an opportunity, activating his ultimate and batting xQc, now without his boosters to save him, off of the map.

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xQc, typically fast-talking and quick to express frustration when things aren’t going his way, was left speechless, simply acknowledging “that was crazy.”