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Wild Overwatch bug lets Reinhardt charge through Mei’s Ice Block

Published: 17/Jun/2020 22:25

by Bill Cooney


A bug that seems to have popped up following the latest Overwatch patch apparently lets Reinhardt charge right through Mei’s Cryo-Freeze ability.

Cryo-Freeze causes Mei to freeze in place and becomes invulnerable, along with healing 150 health over four seconds on her own.

She’s also supposed to stop things like a charging Reinhardt dead in his tracks when in ice cube form – but that definitely didn’t happen in the following clip from Twitch streamer ‘SafeTScissor.’


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Rein begins his charge just outside of the first spawn point on Rialto as his team is begins to move the payload across the bridge. An enemy Orisa has set up shop just on the other side along with Mei.

As Reinhardt draws near, Mei pops her Ice Block – but instead of stopping, the tank simply keeps going right on through, only halting when a wall gets in the way.

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It’s not like the charge hit just the edge of the ice, either; it goes right through the middle like there’s nothing there at all, and it doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident.


Mei herself doesn’t get pulled out of the ice and pinned when this happens. In fact, she seems to be just fine, but that isn’t the case for any heroes who might be taking cover behind her.

This is definitely a strange bug, and certainly seems repeatable as it’s been reported by multiple players, although it doesn’t seem to happen every single time this interaction occurs.

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Mei received another unlisted change to her Cryo-Freeze ability recently that made it so she can no longer receive outside healing while inside the ice, as you can see in the clip above from Reddit user Twoneis.


It’s not completely impossible that this is another unlisted change, but something this major you would think devs would feel the need to list in patch notes. For now, if you’re not playing Mei, we wouldn’t rely on her Ice Block providing too much protection going forward.