Unique Overwatch Sombra skin concept fully embraces cowgirl lifestyle

Sombra Cowgirl Overwatch skinBlizzard Entertainment / Pexels

Overwatch players are constantly looking for new ways to imagine some of their favorite characters and this Sombra skin design is taking in the cowgirl lifestyle.

The Overwatch community has grown well beyond the realm of the video game. For some players, creating new ideas for the arena shooter such as game modes, heroes, or skins is their passion.

With Overwatch 2 coming out in the near future, these ideas can be really nice to see as the game is getting a new look. And one fan has taken the mischievous hero Sombra and given her an amazing Wild West makeover.

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Sombra goes cowgirl in skin concept

Reddit user ‘the_npc_’ – who also goes by ‘Cassiel’ – took the time to create a concept skin for Sombra if she rode into Route 66 on a horse.

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The skin features her in a Wild West outfit, boots, and a very detailed gun. Her weapon looks like the body of a horse, with her reticle being a saddle.

Fans only wanted to see the addition of one thing that they think is essential to finish the look: a hat. Redditors replied to the post asking where it was. Cassiel informed them that a tiny one was around her neck and located on her back.

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Overall, though, the Overwatch community loved the skin, especially her gun. One person said, “Wow I love this, personally I’d think she’d rock bell bottoms or a really long skirt. But I love the skirt design it’s super cute. And the gun, hella creative.” Another added, “Awe this is really cute, I love her gun!”

With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, it presents huge opportunities to see some different skins in the game, and it seems fans would want to see Sombra embrace her Mexican background as a cowgirl.

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