Top Overwatch 2 support reveals best remap for Lifeweaver’s “clunky” controls

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Overwatch 2’s top support streamer ML7 has revealed the best remap for Lifeweaver’s controls.

Lifeweaver is the latest hero to join Overwatch 2 and brings a lot of new gameplay to the shooter with his unique abilities that completely change the battleground.

With his Petal Platform, allies (and enemies) can reach new heights, plus his Life Grip makes it so tanks that have overextended can be safely repositioned back with the team.

However, juggling between his weapons to heal and deal damage has proven to be a bit offputting for those who have already tried him, so Twitch streamer ML7 revealed how he changed up the hero’s controls.

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Best Lifeweaver controls in Overwatch 2

In a YouTube video, ML7 explained how his default settings aren’t very “intuitive” by having to switch between weapons like Mercy.

“I tried playing with these at the beginning and he felt kind of clunky, but with some adjustments, I found some keybinding that helped with the fluidity of the hero,” he said.

(segment starts at 2:20)

ML7 suggests that players make the following changes to the hero in their in-game settings once he goes live in Season 4:

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  • First, change the weapon swap from 1 and 2 to right-click to better switch between the two and make the rhythm a bit more like Baptiste.
  • Next, change the Petal Platform from right-click to mouse wheel down. ML7 says that while this was comfortable for him, the noted that this setting also changes how you cancel your ultimate if you decide not to cast it.
  • Finally, the streamer says players should keep the 100 Healing Blossom sensitivity in order to heal allies behind shields and just make things easier in general.

Of course, this could also change drastically for controller players, so remember to keep in mind that it’s best to opt for settings that make you the most comfortable.

For more on Lifeweaver, be sure to check out our hero overview and how the devs are preventing players from trolling or griefing with him.

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