This Overwatch 2 Lucio-Oh’s cereal box costs more in-game than it does in real life

Overwatch 2 lucio-ohs priceBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 finally added a Lucio-Oh’s Souvenir to the game, but players aren’t happy it costs more than an actual box of cereal.

Lucio-Oh’s cereal was released ages ago and fans absolutely ate it up, both literally and figuratively. With Overwatch 2 adding new items to the game, the devs decided to include the cereal as a special in-game item.

The Lucio-Oh’s Bundle costs players 800 Overwatch Coins, which translates to roughly $8 USD. In it, players get access to a DJ Frog weapon charm and cereal Souvenir.

Amazingly, however, fans could get two boxes of the cereal in real life for less money, adding further scrutiny to Blizzard’s monetization of the sequel.

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lucio-ohs ow2 cosmeticsBlizzard Entertainment
These in-game Lucio-Oh’s items cost roughly $8.

Real-life Lucio-Oh’s cost less than Overwatch 2’s in-game version

In a post on Reddit, a user uploaded a screenshot of a family-size Lucio-Oh’s box at Walmart costing $3.64 – a fraction of what the in-game item sells for.

“Remember the real Lucio-Oh’s?” the user asked in the caption. “The in-game Souvenir is more expensive.”

This isn’t the first time an Overwatch 2 item has been met with backlash for costing more than its real-life equivalent. Recently, a Pachimari weapon charm was blasted for costing players around $7 while a physical keychain on Blizzard’s store sells for $5.

Blizzard has yet to address any of the cosmetic cost drama. Hopefully, we’ll see some major price adjustments once Season 2 begins on December 6, but it remains unknown just how much money OW2 is making off these in-game purchases.

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