This fan-made Overwatch skin takes Reinhardt into the StarCraft universe

Bill Cooney

Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s most popular tank heroes – and one fan has created an amazing 3D skin concept of the Crusader as a ‘Protoss’ from another Blizzard game: StarCraft.

The concept is based on ‘Fenix,’ a character from Blizzard’s StarCraft II title, which was released in 2010.

Fenix is a legendary warrior for the Protoss, one of StarCraft’s alien races, and he’s a pretty great pick to base a Reinhardt skin on as the two are pretty similar.

The awesome skin concept, called ‘Purifier,’ was made by an artist by the name of ‘mqpmqp,’ who posted the full, interactive 3D model  to

It features Reinhardt decked out in some really cool-looking, white Protoss armor, which looks similar to Fenix’s troops in StarCraft Co-Op modes – especially with the orange highlights.

Reinhardt’s hammer may be the highlight of this skin though, as it’s been reimagined as kind of a laser axe/spear weapon, which looks like it would be super fun to smash squishy opponents with.

On Reinhardt’s left arm, where the lion head for his shield would usually be, the artist placed a rendering of Fenix’s head, instead.

The fact that this skin is a full 3D model just makes it even more impressive. It literally looks ready to be patched in and played in-game.

Blizzard has introduced a few StarCraft skins so far for Widowmaker and Orisa, but based on how awesome this concept looks, more StarCraft skins would probably be a massive hit with Overwatch fans.

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