Streamer gets shut down by Overwatch teammate after asking for hero switch - Dexerto

Streamer gets shut down by Overwatch teammate after asking for hero switch

Published: 5/Feb/2019 0:22 Updated: 5/Feb/2019 0:40

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer ‘Overwatch.

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Having that one teammate who won’t switch is a classic trope in Overwatch matches, maybe they just really like Genji, or are convinced they’re the next big Widowmaker.

Of course, it does help if a person stays away from being toxic right before asking they’re team to switch. You get more flies with sugar than with salt, as the saying goes.

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So it probably didn’t help that brianlimond complained about how much his team sucked on the mic just before asking his teammate to switch.

“Hey, this team sucks,” the streamer commented just after being eliminated. “Hey Doomfist can you change please? Doomfist, switch.”


“Can you change too, asshole?” replied brian’s teammate, who must have been at least 30 years younger than the streamer.

After getting destroyed by a small child in chat, the streamer loses it and remarks “Very good, very good.”

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The streamer’s team didn’t go on to win the game, and based on the team cohesion on display, it’s not surprising they didn’t make it out with a win.

The streamer did seem to take a liking to his teammate after the hilarious comeback though.

Clips like this show that it is actually possible to have a good time in Overwatch, even if you’re team is getting absolutely stomped on.