Sombra's voice actress plays Overwatch as Sombra - Dexerto

Sombra’s voice actress plays Overwatch as Sombra

Published: 31/Oct/2018 17:01 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 17:29

by Bill Cooney


The voice actress for Sombra, Carolina Ravassa joined streamer Connor ‘Fitzyhere’ Fitzpatric on his Twitch stream to play Overwatch for the first time and ended up getting her first kill with the hero she voices.

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The voice actors for Overwatch’s various heroes have basically become celebrities to the game’s fan base, having even been known to play a game or two, and this time it was Ravassa’s turn.

While attacking on Nepal, Ravassa is stealthed when Fitzyhere directs her attention to the enemy Mccree.

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“We’re getting McCree, do you see him?” Fitzyhere asks Ravassa, but she doesn’t until the streamer directs her to her right.


“Shoot that guy, get him, get him quick,” Fitzyhere urges Ravassa, who at first worries about losing her stealth, but gets the elimination in the end, even if she didn’t get the final blow.

After the kill, Ravassa seems pretty pleased with herself, “Yes! Yes, that’s my first kill ever,” she even threw in a desk slam for good measure.

She’s not the only one of the game’s voice actors to play Overwatch, Matt Mercer, the voice of McCree, has been known to play and troll his teammates by saying McCree’s ultimate voice line “It’s high noon.”