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Sombra’s Overwatch dance gets the makeover it deserves in this brilliant concept

Published: 21/Jan/2019 15:08 Updated: 21/Jan/2019 16:23

by Ross Deason


If you’re an Overwatch fan, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll love this awesome concept that makes Sombra’s popular dance emote better than ever before.

Sombra’s dance sees the damage hero laying down some pretty impressive shuffle moves, but members of the popular Overwatch subreddit are keen to see one major improvement after a concept was shared on January 21.

In a post titled ‘What Sombra’s dance SHOULD look like’, Reddit user ‘Owlero’ showed Sombra performing her routine but cycling through her various different skins as she did so.

This gave the hero a flashing multi-colored effect that makes the dance even more techno than it was originally!

You can view Owlero’s original concept below:

The concept quickly gained traction and fans were soon suggesting ways of making the idea even better. One user, for instance, suggested that the emote should only cycle through skins that the player owns.

Another asked Owlero whether it was possible to make the skins change in a time that matched the beat of Sombra’s steps – something that Owlero was more than happy to attempt:

However, It turns out that this isn’t the first time that a Sombra skin changing concept has been seen.

Users soon started to share a Sombra remix music video by a YouTuber named Dogboggle that uses her original music and voice lines and features a few dancing scenes where she flicks between outfits while shuffling:

The Reddit thread from Owlero amassed over 11,000 upvotes in the first eight hours after being posted – it is clear that Sombra fans would love to see the new emote concept added to the game!

The Overwatch community is regularly coming up with exciting new concepts for skins, heroes and more. If one is popular enough, there is a small chance that some version of it will end up in the real game eventually.


Overwatch cosplayer gets ready for Halloween as a perfect Mercy

Published: 30/Oct/2020 22:39 Updated: 31/Oct/2020 6:35

by Nate Searl


Halloween is almost upon us, and cosplayers everywhere are preparing for the holiday. This Overwatch Mercy cosplay goes above and beyond when bringing this angelic healer to life and deserves some extra recognition. 

When Overwatch came out back in 2016, there were only three healers, and Mercy was one of them. A lot has changed since then and there are a lot more Heroes, and the hero herself has seen quite a few changes. Despite this, she remains a fan favorite, especially for cosplayers.

There are plenty of awesome OW cosplays out there, but Hanxiaoyue really brings her to life with the help of @Anka_Ephemere on Twitter. The two collaborate for a fantastic rendition with excellent photography and visual effects.

Mercy cosplayer preps for Halloween

Despite the fact that Witch Mercy is Mercy’s Halloween skin, Hanxiaoyue went with the Winged Victory skin with some extra spooky effects, and she nailed it. Starting with her hair, she puts her blonde hair in a ponytail and parts her bangs. It is held back by a golden crown with wing-like ear guards, just like in the cosmetic. To cap it off, she includes the fern-like plants behind her ears.

For her attire, she dons a white tunic with gold embroidery held up with a brown rope. On her arms and legs, she wears bracelets. On her back, she has Mercy’s signature wings, modeled directly off of the skin. Then, there is of course the staff, which is perfect down to the last little leaf.

If the cosplay itself wasn’t impressive enough, the graphic design that goes along with it really gives it life. @Anka_Ephemere includes two shots with Mercy on a dark and fiery battlefield, and then another two with her at what appears to be Ilios Ruins.

The first two images are fitting for the hero, as she is a beacon of hope and light on the battlefield. The Winged Victory skin also based on the Goddess Nike and works well with the other images on Ilios, which is an Overwatch map based on Santorini in Greece.

This is one of the most impressive Mercy cosplays out there, and Hanxiaoyue really brings the character to life along with @Anka-Ephemere’s photography and graphic design.