Overwatch unveils fantastic new Reinhardt skin for Year of the Pig

by Bill Cooney


The latest skin to be revealed for Overwatch's Lunar New Year event is an instant classic for Reinhardt called 'Guan Yu'.


Overwatch's Lunar New Year event happens around this time every year and so far, skins for Reaper and Hanzo have been revealed.

Hanzo and Reinhardt's skins have something in common: they're both rocking some massive, flowing facial hair.


Reinhardt's skin has a good-looking green and gold theme, and there's an awesome looking dragon head on his arm for his shield.

It's a bit hard to tell from the official reveal video, but Reinhardt's hammer seems to be made out of some kind of green stone, and also features a fearsome-looking dragon head on top.

Overwatch's tweet about the new skin also mentioned Capture the Flag, which probably means the mode will be coming back to Arcade Mode for this year's event. 


Overwatch's Lunar New Year event is themed each year on the Chinese zodiac, and this year is celebrating the Year of the Pig.

The event starts on Thursday, January 24 and will go on until Monday, February 18; just after the first weekend of the Overwatch League.

There's still four days left until the beginning of the Year of the Pig celebrations, which means we could see at least four more new skins revealed before then.