Secret Overwatch setting change makes it way easier to detect enemies

Hanzo's shadow on the wallBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch games can often be decided by just one play, and being able to have every advantage possible is a must for anyone trying to rank up. As it turns out, a couple of settings changes can make a huge difference.

Knowing where your enemies are positioned and being able to spot them easily cannot be understated. This is true for any game, but in Overwatch, where opening frags are so key, there is an added importance.

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That said, with all the visual clutter in Overwatch, being able to keep track of enemies can prove to be easier said than done. Thankfully, there is a way around it that can provide a definitive edge.

YouTuber KarQ has demonstrated exactly how adjusting these settings can make your game so much easier and leave your foes flustered.

Best tactical Overwatch setting changes

As showcased by the Canadian streamer, by turning “shadows on,” you can see the shadow of an enemy who isn’t in your line of vision.

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KarQ suggests putting this on “ultra” so you can be extra aware of your surroundings and who might be creeping. This is a great way to shut down flankers and other adversaries trying to sneak up on you.

Another good tool is to set model detail to “off,” as it will remove visual clutter that would otherwise obstruct your view and make spotting enemies much harder.

Soldier 76 attacks HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment
Some quick settings changes can give you a huge edge.

Additionally, lowering “waypoint opacity” down to around 20% can make it so that the point can no longer block foes in your line of sight, guaranteeing you spot them and kill them before they eliminate you.

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Making these quick settings changes can be the difference between winning and losing SR, so be sure to update your game and reap the rewards.

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