Seagull shows why Overwatch's new Baptiste meta could be the next GOATS

. 3 years ago

Former Overwatch pro Brandon ‘Seagull‘ Larned explained how once the GOATS meta dies off, the Baptiste meta could become the next thing people love to hate.

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The GOATS meta in Overwatch, a team composition that features three tanks and three supports, has stood the test of time and has been met with a lot of criticism.

Despite Blizzard doing their best to help shake up the meta, GOATS has remained, but now there’s a true contender that could lead to a shift, and it’s something fans might not like a whole lot either.

Orisa is a big part of the “Bunker” meta.
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Seagull predicts the future of Overwatch

While watching a Play of the Game after a match, Seagull and viewers were treated to seeing two Bastions lay into each other, with neither of them being killed or really taking any damage.

Seagull warns that this is what Overwatch could look like in the future, as he watched on in disbelief, only able to laugh at the ridiculousness of the play.

“Look at this, neither of them can die,” he says. “That’s Overwatch in Season 29.” 

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It’s a pretty grim outlook if the game truly turns into that, but fans have wanted to see the GOATS meta disappear. It’s just hard to really tell what’s better at this point.

Overwatch is only in Season 16 right now so we have a long way to go to see if Seagull’s prediction comes true, or if the game even still around by then.

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Bastion and Orisa make for a deal combo.

Bunker meta is on the rise

The Bunker meta, as the players have been calling it, refers to using Orisa’s shield coupled with Bastion’s strong DPS to set up a well-defended location or choke point that makes it really difficult for the opposing team to get through.

Since the release of Baptiste, this meta is coming back into the limelight. Baptiste is able to strengthen this strategy even more by dishing out AOE healing, making this trio a very hard thing to counter without perfect communication.

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