Looks like Zarya’s Overwatch 2 redesign was just secretly revealed in new comic

Zarya in OverwatchBlizzard

Ahead of an official reveal, it appears as though Zarya’s Overwatch 2 redesign may have slipped out early in the latest issue of the New Blood comic series.

While many details surrounding Overwatch 2 remain under wraps, we do know one thing for certain: each and every hero from the original Overwatch is in store for a fresh makeover.

14 of these redesigns have already been revealed as we enter the third year since the sequel’s reveal. Some were given more vibrant colors, others became more technical, and a small handful change entirely from their default look.

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Almost all of these upgrades came during official gameplay reveals or developer updates. That trend may have come to an end, however, as fans are convinced Zarya’s redesign just appeared in a new comic.

Overwatch comic book Zarya artworkBlizzard / Dark Horse
The final page of New Blood issue #3 may have revealed Zarya’s new look.

Issue #3 of the New Blood digital series went public on January 12. The latest installment continued Cassidy’s arc as the gunslinger looks to recruit new members to the Overwatch team. 

Zarya didn’t feature in this week’s storyline itself. Instead, she appeared on the very last page in a teaser for the next issue. A detailed sketch shows Cassidy next to the Russian Tank, though she appeared with a brand new look.

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Rather than her bulky blue armor and short pink hair, Zarya was drawn in a winter coat with a ponytail. While the artwork could be nothing more than a concept, players were quickly convinced it’s a first look at her Overwatch 2 rework.

“Looks good and seems likely because that is Cassidy’s Overwatch 2 design,” one player pointed out.

“I would be so ok with that,” another chimed in. “Looks amazing.”

Overwatch 2 hero redesignsActivision Blizzard
Every existing Overwatch hero is in store for a new look in the upcoming sequel.

Obviously, it’s nothing official to go off just yet. While it is a fresh look for the Tank hero, there’s no guarantee it’s her redesign for the sequel.

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There’s still no telling when Overwatch 2 may release. But if this teaser is any indication, Zarya could be next in line for a big reveal.

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