Keep an eye out – Overwatch heroes get googly eyes for April Fool’s Day

Overwatch April Fool'sBlizzard Entertainment

Every year on April 1 we see the gaming community play fun pranks on their fanbase. As part of April Fool’s Day, Blizzard have added googly eyes to Overwatch heroes, and it’s equal parts hilarious and terrifying. 

Every year, April Fool’s has become quite the event for game developers and esports organizations alike. 2021 is no exception.

We’ve seen Riot Games announce a dating simulator for their hit FPS, Valorant, as well as an insanely detailed set of hilarious Patch Notes.

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Blizzard, however, aren’t going to let their competitor steal the spotlight, so have added some fun little details to Overwatch to give us all a bit of a shock.

Blizzard add googly eyes to Overwatch

Overwatch April FoolsBlizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt isn’t the only person laughing at Overwatch’s April Fools extravaganza.

Part of what has become an annual tradition to celebrate the holiday, Blizzard have added a pretty fun little change to Overwatch’s extensive hero roster.

Every hero now has “googly eyes,” the plastic eyes often found on toys that, when they move, make the pupils go wild.

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They’ve even went so far as to implement this on the Main Menu screen, which currently features the fearsome new Roadhog skin that commemorates San Francisco Shock’s 2020 OWL victory.

This silly little detail transforms some of the game’s most fearsome heroes into laughable versions of themselves. With Widowmaker‘s sharpshooter eyes now huge and constantly rolling, and Echo’s spooky new MVP skin decked out too, it’s a giggle fest for sure.

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April Fools WidowmakerBlizzard Entertainment
“No one can hide from my googly eyed sight.”

Whether you love or hate April Fool’s, it’s really hard not to laugh at Blizzard’s cheeky little annual prank.

A little laugh can make all the difference, especially in a world where chaos appears to reign supreme. So, jump into Overwatch and check out your favorite heroes’ stunning new eyes.

Feel free to show us a screenshot as well on our dedicated Facebook page; we’d love to see all of your googly eyed endeavours for this year!

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