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Redditor comes up with compromise for private Overwatch profiles

Published: 10/Nov/2018 0:36 Updated: 10/Nov/2018 0:43

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch Developers introduced the ability to make profiles private to eliminate the problem of players being forced onto a certain hero based on their profile, now one Redditor has come up with a solution that would still convey information on what the roles players prefer without getting too in-depth.

In a post on the Overwatch subreddit, user Evocated proposes a “Prefered Roles And Heros” system with three different roles: Tank, Support, and Damage.


Players would pick one, then indicate which hero they prefer playing to be displayed instead of a locked profile screen.

EvocatedHow profiles would look under the proposed system.

Evocated clarifies that this system could just be added in as another option, not as a replacement for private profiles, which some players seem to appreciate.


They added that, ideally, “In this system, they as a team can conjure up a composition in comp to suit everyone’s preferred roles and heroes.”

Blizzard Entertainment600

This proposed system is interesting, but just implementing role queue would solve a lot of the problems Evocated talks about in their post.


It’s pretty clear the private profile system isn’t what Blizzard has in mind for a long-term fix, but for now, it’s really all players have. 


Insane Overwatch Wrecking Ball Tracer combo obliterates enemy teams

Published: 20/Oct/2020 0:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to find some new synergy between two unlikely heroes should look no further than a lethal combination with Tracer and Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball can be one of the most annoying heroes in the game to deal with, constantly booping people away while remaining in his ball form.


Meanwhile, Tracer can do very much of the same, buzzing in the backline, harassing supports and just being a general menace to deal with thanks to her Blinks, Recall and small hit box.

Together, the threat of Tracer and Wrecking Ball can really dominate uncoordinated teams, but with a little coordination on their own part, the two can destroy entire groups with a neat ultimate attack.

Wrecking Ball piledrives enemies on Junkertown
Blizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball can be a major threat in the back line.

As demonstrated by Twitch streamer ‘rene_ow,’ the Masters ranked Hammond player spotted a pack of enemies all grouped up on the Busan map.

After grappling to go in for a major boop on the four, the player’s allied Tracer blinked in and stuck her Pulse Bomb on the McCree.

With the McCree booped into the rest of the adversaries, the result ended up being a massive quad kill, with both supports and DPS heroes on the enemy team eliminated swiftly.


The insane combo was well-received by the team, which celebrated the quad kill. “That was nuts!” they cried with glee.

Perhaps the best part of this combo is that you don’t need the stick to connect. In theory, you can have Wrecking Ball knock the enemies towards Tracer or her Pulse Bomb radius to secure the frags.

This type of team play may take some serious effort to get right, but if you have a partner you synergize well with, it’s always possible that this combination can help you win Overwatch games, and rank up in style.