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“Properly” using Mercy’s ult in Overwatch can close out rounds

Published: 27/May/2020 22:31

by Alan Bernal


Mercy can have a big impact on team fights in Overwatch with a well-timed use for Valkyrie, but one sneaky play showed how even a botched ultimate ability can single-handedly win out a round.

There are many heroes in Blizzard’s team shooter who have high mobility and can reliably get around a comp or work flanks. Mercy is generally a key target to take down in a fight, and because of that, most players can’t rely on her insane Valkyrie-induced movement to go off on their own.

However, when a fight devolves on the Payload and the entire enemy team forgets that there’s a Mercy still in the air, that’s when there’s an opportunity to create unique backdoors.


That’s what redditor ‘Huri’ found out when they were racing to get to the frontlines of the battle. Moments after getting off initial heals, the player activates their Valkyrie – but by that time, their team was already retreating.

They joked that this was “how to properly use Mercy’s ult,” since they decided to stick around to test the other team’s combat awareness instead of falling back with the team.

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Overwatch’s popular support can be pivotal for winning games.

The effects of Valkyrie let Mercy stay above the sightlines enough to go unnoticed by the other team. It didn’t take long for the enemy faction to feel like they won enough ground to push up, leaving the Payload inches away from its mark.


That’s when the effects of the ult started to wear off for Huri, making them descend onto the objective with no one from the other team around.

Moments later, the Mercy, alongside their sneaky Sombra, managed to cap the Payload and end the round with a 3-0 advantage.

How to properly use Mercy’s ult from Overwatch

“Turning a wasted ult to a winning one!” user ‘NymiNymi’ said in response to the clip. The play initially looked like Mercy had inadvertently used her ability, but whatever had triggered the need for it massively paid off, eventually.

While Mercy players shouldn’t always try to backdoor, the clip shows that even with a heated battle happening below there’s a chance to make something out of nothing with a bit of luck and negligence from the other side.