Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan says Genji nerfs & Moira experiments coming soon

Moira and Genji on King's Row in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that Genji nerfs and some Moira changes will be coming to the game in a future Experimental Card patch, as well as some unique “failed” experiments.

Since being buffed majorly in recent weeks, Genji has been on a tear through the ladder, receiving a massive increase in both pick and win rates, leading some to speculate if the cyborg ninja will be nerfed.

Genji’s buffs were also felt in the Overwatch League, where the Paris Eternal took full advantage of them, with rookie sensation Yeong-han ‘SP9RK1E’ Kim leading the team to victory at the Summer Showdown.

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In a post on Reddit, Kaplan explained how the next Experimental patch will featuring some “minor toning down of Genji.”

Genji from Overwatch facing off against Hanzo's DragonsBlizzard Entertainment
Genji has been dominating Overwatch since his buffs.

Although he didn’t delve into what those nerfs will be, it’s likely that his primary fire damage could be slightly decreased, while keeping the spread and deflect buffs intact.

Kaplan also said some Moira changes would be coming for testing, but noted they are experimental and the team is “unsure” of them.

Moira has proven to be a tough hero to balance. The last time changes were made to her on the Experimental Mode, they ultimately didn’t go through, as the team wasn’t happy with them.

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Moira uses OrbsBlizzard Entertainment
Moira has been a tough hero to balance.

Finally, the Overwatch Director said another patch will introduce a “failed” experiment that the team “figured might be fun for some to try.”

“We’re not sure what order they will be going up just yet, but we’re hoping one goes live sometime next week,” he explained. “Sometimes things come up and those dates change, so please manage expectations accordingly.”

Only time will tell what the new patch entails, but Genji mains should be on the lookout for some changes to their hero coming soon. Until then, it’s a good time to grind ladder and earn some SR with the powerful DPS character.

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