Overwatch: Make powerful Wrecking Ball flanks on Busan with creative tactics

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

Clever Grappling Claw spots on Busan’s MEKA Base section allow Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball to make creative flanks onto the control point.

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Wrecking Ball’s distinguishing characteristic is his unique mobility as a result of his grappling hook mechanic. With enough skill and an understanding of what’s possible with the ability in particular locations, Wrecking Ball can be perhaps the most mobile hero in the game, and certainly the most mobile tank.

Not only is his mobility useful for positioning, but his entire kit actually relies on it. His knockback mechanic requires momentum generated from Grappling Claw swings, his Piledriver can only be performed from a height that usually requires a swing to reach, and his ultimate, Minefield, is most effective if it can be unleashed from above an enemy team.

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As a result, an understanding of not only how the Grappling Claw mechanics work, but where it can and can’t take you from any given location, is key to maximizing success with the hero.

Blizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver is powerful, but must be used from height.

On Busan’s MEKA Base point, there are some clever angles that give you a chance to get to and from the control point to catch enemies off guard or avoid dangerous choke points.

Overwatch player u/Dawkinsisdope shows off a number of ways of getting to and from the central control point by swinging outside of the map. This can be done by starting from the lower gantry that connects the spawn area to the control point location, or from the area immediately outside of the spawn room itself.

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Perhaps just as interestingly, however, a route can also be taken from the point into the upper hallway and back again with a single swing, which if timed correctly could be used to not only knockback attackers as they come towards the point, but also then come in behind them for a Piledriver.

For Wrecking Ball players, mastery of movement is everything, and it’s worth having as many tricks like these up your sleeve as possible so that no matter where the enemy is positioned you are able to find an entry to either disrupt them with knockbacks or deal damage with Piledriver or a well-placed Minefield.