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Overwatch • Jun 05, 2019

Overwatch heroes reimagined as stunning Magic: The Gathering cards

Overwatch heroes reimagined as stunning Magic: The Gathering cards
Aleksi Briclot / Wizards of the Coast / Blizzard Entertainment

An extremely talented Overwatch fan has reimagined several popular heroes as Magic: The Gathering cards, making players wish for a real-life hero card game.


Overwatch is currently in the midst of its Anniversary 2019 event, which brings back all past character unlocks, as well as offering up some new ones like the popular Academy D.Va and Honeydew Mei skins.

One creative fan decided to celebrate the event by putting together some amazing Overwatch-inspired Magic: The Gathering cards, and the results are incredible.

Wizards of the Coast / Blizzard Entertainment / DeviantArt: Clayscense
The card designs are amazing.


Reddit user lulzee posted over 30 card mockups on the official Overwatch subreddit, complete with card play rules and hero quotes, and they went down a treat.

“Wow, these are insanely good. great work,” one person commented, while another fan loved the card designs so much that they said they’re printing them out to use in a real life game. “Damn, those are wonderful, I think I will print some of them on proxy cards.”

Wizards of the Coast / Blizzard Entertainment / ArtStation: Jorge Zapata, Fanfoxy A / DeviantArt: RaikoArt
Overwatch MTG expansion, anyone?

lulzee’s designs make you wonder why Blizzard hasn’t released a hero card game for the shooter yet, since it would obviously be very popular judging by Reddit’s reaction.


The Overwatch League has cards, though!

Overwatch League and Upper Deck partnered together recently under a multi-year deal to create OWL trading cards. 

The duo will also produce merchandise such as stickers, posters, and prints, meaning fans will be able to show their support for their favorite teams in new ways.

The first card set will release on June 19, and it “showcases fan-favorite players and teams from the league’s inaugural season”, suggesting that only Season One players will be available at first.

The OWL sets also include rare cards and cards that have been signed by multiple players, as well as ones that feature highlight moments from Season One.

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