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Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 – Skins, game modes, and more

Published: 11/Dec/2018 19:13 Updated: 11/Dec/2018 19:56

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event starts December 11, and runs through January 2, 2019 and there are plenty of new skins, and cosmetics to collect and some classic winter game modes returning as well.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive and the Yeti Hunter game modes will both return this year to the arcade.

Several maps will be getting a winter makeover for the event as well, past snowy maps like Hanamura and King’s Row will be joined by BlizzardWorld, which is scheduled to get a temporary holiday makeover as well.

Blizzard Entertainment

So far, we’ve seen Winter skins for Zarya, Lucio, Widowmaker, Bastion, Mercy, Symmetra and Junkrat, the prices and rarities for each are listed below


“Snowboarder” Zarya Legendary (3,000)
“Arctic Fox” Lucio Legendary (3,000
“Sugar Plum Fairy” Mercy Legendary (3,000)
“Biathlon” Widowmaker Legendary (3,000)
“Figure Skater” Symmetra Legendary (3,000)
“Krampus” Junkrat Legendary (3,000)
“Gift Wrap” Bastion Epic (750)
“Winter” Ashe Epic (750)
“Festive” Reinhardt Epic (750)

There are plenty of new emotes, sprays, and victory poses as well, including one adorable emote featuring Torbjörn and a bunch of mini-turrets.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is live right now, so players have a little under a month to get all the loot they can.