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Overwatch streamer’s perfect Reinhardt charge ends tragically

Published: 13/Nov/2018 20:31 Updated: 13/Nov/2018 20:57

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch Contenders player Lorenzo ‘Midna’ Nulli almost pulled off a picture-perfect Reinhardt charge on stream before he accidentally eliminated himself.

While defending on Rialto, Midna uses some secret Italian knowledge to perfectly line up a Reinhardt charge and send the enemy team’s crusader to the bottom of the canal.

After pulling off the perfect charge, he ends up on a boat and tries to jump back on to dry land, only to fall into the canal and die just like the other Reinhardt seconds earlier.

At first, Midna seems pretty pleased with himself after pulling off the charge, but that all changes to frustration as he drowns himself.


The November 13 patch notes made jump height equal across all heroes, so maybe the next time Midna tries this trick he’ll only take out the enemy Reinhardt.

Midna played for Team Italy during the Overwatch World Cup and is the first Italian player  in Contenders, playing most recently for We Have Org.

Italy might not have made it out of the World Cup Group Stages, but Midna seems like he should do fine in Contenders, as long as he manages to stay out of the water.