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Overwatch Streamer J3sus Pulls Off Epic Flank Capture with Wrecking Ball

Published: 29/Jun/2018 21:49 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch streamer and competitive player Christopher ‘J3sus’ Pavloff pulled off an epic stealth capture with new hero Wrecking Ball.

While playing on King’s Row on the Overwatch PTR, J3sus pulled off an impromptu flank using Wrecking Ball’s grappling hook to sneak the payload to the finish line.


Piloted by Hammond the hamster, Wrecking Ball is a tank whose mobility is a crucial element of his skill set, allowing him to move around the map quickly and even use that mobility as a direct weapon, knocking enemies back when he has enough momentum.

The grappling hook is arguably the most important element of Wrecking Ball’s kit. Not only is it necessary for several of his other abilities – whether it be gaining enough momentum to knock back enemies, or gaining altitude before dropping a Piledriver – it also opens up potential paths for him to traverse the map at speed.


Players have already begun to test out various ways to use the grappling hook to find flanking routes, both following the paths set by other heroes and coming up with ways of maximizing the effectiveness of Wrecking Ball’s particular method.

One such established path is the route underneath the map in the third stage of King’s Row. Other heroes have used it before – it’s been most effectively used by those that can fly, like D.Va and Pharah, although not exclusively – but it turns out that Wrecking Ball can get from one side to the other perhaps faster than any other hero.

J3sus used that to his advantage on the offensive side, disappearing under the map after his team lost a hectic fight, and reappearing at the end alongside an abandoned payload. Unfortunately for the defence, by the time they realised what had happened it was already too late.



Leaker suggests Overwatch 2 release coming in early 2021

Published: 18/Oct/2020 19:31

by Theo Salaun


An Overwatch leaker has revealed that the Overwatch League and Blizzcon schedules for 2021 suggest a release of the Overwatch 2 beta or full game in February 2021.

The original Overwatch title came out in May 2016 and, over four years later, the game’s extensive fanbase has been eager to find out when the sequel might finally release. With expectations of better graphics, new heroes, maps, and even modes, an upgraded follow-up to the popular Blizzard title remains a highly anticipated mystery.


In November 2019, players of the Blizzard franchise received their first look at what’s on the horizon with a gameplay trailer that revealed a variety of new content. Now, with BlizzCon scheduled for February 2021 and recent speculation that the Overwatch League’s fourth season will return in April of the same year, a popular leaker is specifying exactly what that horizon may be.

Known as ‘Metro_OW’ on Twitter, Metro has been the source of OW2 leaks in the past and did correctly predict Ashe’s reveal in 2018. Given their track record and the surrounding context, this new leak engenders some confidence.


As Metro explains, the rumored OWL return being pushed back to April coincides with the BlizzCon date in February to suggest a reasonable expectation of, at the very least, an OW2 beta in early 2021.

With Blizzard popularly known to prioritize revealing content at their own events, fans can be sure to expect more information at the upcoming virtual company conference. With gameplay shown in 2019, the launch of a beta is certainly within the realm of possibility.

OW 2 code in Battle.net
Blizzard Entertainment
Fans have also noticed Battle.net files that indicate an OW2 beta is being worked on.

If a beta is released in late-February, then that means OW2 will be playable in some capacity before the return of the Overwatch League. It would be somewhat awkward for an entire season, which typically lasts about six months, to play on the original game despite an existent beta. 


That, therefore, grounds Metro’s expectations that the upcoming OWL season will be played on Overwatch 2 with a beta, if not the full game, releasing following BlizzCon. Theoretically, this timeline could give the beta about two months of play before an official launch just ahead of a new season of professional play.