Overwatch streamer demonstrates powerful tactic to outplay enemies with Graviton Surge

An Overwatch streamer showed off a clever tactic for outplaying enemies with Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

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By utilizing a clever tactic, Overwatch streamer PVPX was able to bait out the enemy Zenyatta’s ultimate and then land a big Graviton Surge to help clean up a team fight.

Graviton Surge can be one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in Overwatch when it lands well. On the flip side, Zenyatta’s Transcendence is another of the game’s most powerful ultimates precisely because it can help nullify the impact of enemy ultimates like the Graviton.

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As a Zarya player, figuring out how to land your Graviton without it being countered by the enemy team is a major part of your role in big team fights, and PVPX showed off a tactic for doing just that.

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Rather than fire the Graviton Surge directly at his target, PVPX shot it vertically up into the air after revealing himself to the enemy. Upon hearing the audio cue for the Graviton, the enemy Zenyatta immediately reacted with a Transcendence.

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Zarya’s Graviton Surge can be one of the most powerful ultimates in the game.

Because the Graviton went directly up into the air, however, there was a period of travel time before it eventually came to land in the location it was originally fired from. By the time it actually landed, therefore, the Transcendence had all but finished, leaving the caught enemies vulnerable.

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This strategy obviously comes with a degree of risk – you need to be sure you fire perfectly straight upwards, for instance, else the Graviton might not land at all. Equally, you need to be confident you can position the enemy correctly at the time the black hole hits the ground.

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If you can pull it off, however, it’s a huge power play, and certainly one to keep in mind particularly for do-or-die situations when landing a big Graviton might be the only way to save a game.

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