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Overwatch ‘rework’ gives McCree an extremely powerful passive

Published: 21/Sep/2020 6:46

by Brad Norton


Overwatch reworks tend to be over the top concepts that make fan-favorite characters all too powerful, though this McCree buff could just be the perfect change the gunslinger has been looking for all along.

McCree has had a turbulent time through the history of Overwatch. In certain metas he’s completely ineffective, in others he’s the most powerful force on the map. Of late, he’s been somewhat of a niche pick in the Damage role. That could all change with this clever rework, however.

Instead of buffing the hero or giving him an unfair kit, one critical feature has simply been tacked onto his existing build. It’s not a devastating ability that can overwhelm in team fights, but could just swing momentum in your favor.

Reddit user ‘samasaurus6’ has put together a simple yet highly effective passive for the DPS character. Here’s how it could give McCree players an even higher skill-ceiling moving forward.

Using just 2 lines of Workshop code, I gave McCree a "passive" that makes critical hits not consume ammo from Overwatch

“Using just 2 lines of Workshop code, I gave McCree a passive,” they shared on September 20. Don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you though, it could lead to a massive change of pace for the character. Through this rework, critical shots don’t use ammo. If your shot is on point, bullets will just keep refilling the clip.

It’s entirely possible to wipe out one or two enemies without needing to reload in the midst of the fight. It could prove extremely effective to help deal with Tank heroes and their huge pools of HP.

McCree is one of a few heroes in Overwatch that technically doesn’t have a passive ability. This subtle change could be just what he needs to stay in line with the game’s more explosive DPS characters.

While this rework impacts his standard method of fire, it’d be interesting to see how it interacts with his ‘Fan the Hammer’ alternative. Theoretically, McCree could continue fanning said hammer for a few dozen shots before the enemy team all crumbles. 

McCree Fan the Hammer
Could McCree’s Fan the Hammer ability fire endlessly with this rework?

This is purely a concept for the time being, though we may see it come to life in-game sooner than later.

Overwatch 2 is giving heroes all sorts of crazy abilities in the upcoming PvE experience. Perhaps this McCree concept could be part of his new kit moving forward.


Destiny 2 DLC calendar announced: Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:22

by Andrew Highton


Hot off the heels of the Beyond Light Expansion announcement, Bungie has outlined more exciting DLC plans. In addition to Destiny 2 introducing Beyond Light, they announced ‘Season of the Hunt’ which reveals more content on the way. Some of it will even be free for players that don’t purchase the expansion – including new destinations and weapons.

Destiny 2 is already approaching its fourth season of content since its original release back in 2017. During that time, the game has release Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and more. But Bungie has shown no desire to let up and keep announcing new additions for their loyal fanbase to look forward to.

Their latest message was not only a follow-up to the announcement of the Beyond Light trailer, but an extension with even better news. Not only is the expansion set to launch on November 10, but Season of the Hunt will also commence on that date, bringing lots of content – both paid and free.

A calendar of DLC for Destiny 2
Bungie have covered Destiny 2’s future until at least February

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

It was only a week ago that Bungie unveiled their next, huge expansion pack coming to Destiny 2 – just in time for Christmas. The Beyond Light trailer showed some classic characters in the series and also suggested where the story was heading next.

But now, the BL Season of the Hunt calendar shows off more of what’s to come.

According to the calendar, people who purchase BL will receive:

  • The Beyond Light Campaign
  • Stasis Unlocks: Titan Behemoth, Warlock Shadebinder, Hunter Revenant
  • Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher Quest

As well as the paid DLC that will release with the game, there will also be free content for all players too.

November 10

This will consist of:

  • New Destination: Europa
  • New Cosmodrome Experience
  • New Season armor and exotic weapon
  • New Strike added to playlist
  • New Lost Sectors
  • 100+ Seasonal Ranks
  • New Artifact Mods
  • New Truimphs, Shaders, and Emblems
  • Iron Banner
  • The Dawning

Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt

The Bungie logo in Destiny 2

Season of the Hunt will begin on the day that Beyond Light launches, and will continue to dish out content until February at least. The official Bungie website commented on the launch:

“Season of the Hunt also begins on November 10 — you will be able to start earning ranks and rewards from the Season Pass, claim your Artifact, and begin to customize it as you power it up. This Season’s story mission and new Wrathborn Hunts activity will kick off the following week on Nov 17.”

This is the remaining content that will be released:

November 10

  • Seasonal Artifact and Reward Track Unlocks
  • Empire Hunts Begin
  • The Glassway Strike Opens

November 10 – January 1

  • Uncover Europa’s Secrets

November 13

  • Adept Weapons Added To Trials

November 17

  • Season Mission Begins
  • Wrathborn Hunts Begin

November 21

  • Raid Opens: Deep Stone Crypt

December 8

  • First Iron Banner

December 15 – January 5

  • The Dawning

New Exotic Weapons and Armor

  • Hawkmoon
  • Cloudstrike
  • No Time To Explain
  • Duality
  • Salvation’s Grip

Bungie Video Documentary

To explain how the process of managing Destiny 2 is going, Bungie has posted a short, video documentary.

You can check it out below.

Bungie clearly has long-term plans for Destiny 2. You then start to wonder how long it’s going to be until they look ahead to making D3. In any case, there’s plenty of content for existing players to be enjoying for the next few months.