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Overwatch ‘rework’ gives McCree an extremely powerful passive

Published: 21/Sep/2020 6:46

by Brad Norton


Overwatch reworks tend to be over the top concepts that make fan-favorite characters all too powerful, though this McCree buff could just be the perfect change the gunslinger has been looking for all along.

McCree has had a turbulent time through the history of Overwatch. In certain metas he’s completely ineffective, in others he’s the most powerful force on the map. Of late, he’s been somewhat of a niche pick in the Damage role. That could all change with this clever rework, however.

Instead of buffing the hero or giving him an unfair kit, one critical feature has simply been tacked onto his existing build. It’s not a devastating ability that can overwhelm in team fights, but could just swing momentum in your favor.

Reddit user ‘samasaurus6’ has put together a simple yet highly effective passive for the DPS character. Here’s how it could give McCree players an even higher skill-ceiling moving forward.

Using just 2 lines of Workshop code, I gave McCree a "passive" that makes critical hits not consume ammo from Overwatch

“Using just 2 lines of Workshop code, I gave McCree a passive,” they shared on September 20. Don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you though, it could lead to a massive change of pace for the character. Through this rework, critical shots don’t use ammo. If your shot is on point, bullets will just keep refilling the clip.

It’s entirely possible to wipe out one or two enemies without needing to reload in the midst of the fight. It could prove extremely effective to help deal with Tank heroes and their huge pools of HP.

McCree is one of a few heroes in Overwatch that technically doesn’t have a passive ability. This subtle change could be just what he needs to stay in line with the game’s more explosive DPS characters.

While this rework impacts his standard method of fire, it’d be interesting to see how it interacts with his ‘Fan the Hammer’ alternative. Theoretically, McCree could continue fanning said hammer for a few dozen shots before the enemy team all crumbles. 

McCree Fan the Hammer
Could McCree’s Fan the Hammer ability fire endlessly with this rework?

This is purely a concept for the time being, though we may see it come to life in-game sooner than later.

Overwatch 2 is giving heroes all sorts of crazy abilities in the upcoming PvE experience. Perhaps this McCree concept could be part of his new kit moving forward.

Call of Duty

Warzone boosts Activision microtransactions to over $1 billion in 3 months

Published: 30/Oct/2020 0:54

by Isaac McIntyre


Activision Blizzard has confirmed Warzone is indeed the mammoth money-maker everyone was always expecting it to be; the ever-growing Modern Warfare battle royale boosted the Call of Duty publisher’s total Q3 2020 earnings to $1.77 billion, including $1.2 billion in microtransactions.

Activision Blizzard, the overseers in charge of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch, shattered expectations when they unveiled their Q3 2020 earnings on Oct. 29. The publisher made $1.77 billion over the past three months.

Much of that, Dexerto can confirm the publishers revealed in an investors call on Thursday, was due to the popularity of Warzone. The new Modern Warfare battle royale has gone from strength to strength since its mega-sized release on March 10 earlier this year.

According to Activision in the call, Warzone alone was responsible for bringing in a $773m slice of the total $1.7b sum. Modern Warfare sales also added to the haul.

Activision’s Blizzard arm also raked in a hefty chunk of the Q3 profits. Hearthstone and World of Warcraft ⁠— which is just four weeks from its next expansion ⁠— made $411m. Finally, King’s mobile juggernaut ‘Candy Crush’ dominated with $536m.

Warzone’s dominance in the past eight months comes as no surprise. Recently, the Call of Duty battle royale overtook genre leader Fortnite as the most popular free-to-play title on the market for teen gamers, according to Yahoo Finance.

This has translated directly into Activision’s financial success. 

The publishers reported close to two-thirds of Warzone players either owned the full Modern Warfare title, or purchased the 2019 game’s multiplayer and campaign after playing.

“What we’ve seen with Call of Duty is an amazing transformation,” Bobby Kotick, chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard, said. “The phenomenon we had with Warzone is so many people are buying the premium Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.”

Call of Duty microtransactions were also four times higher thanks to Warzone.

Warzone fired Activision's Q3 2020 earnings to nearly $2 billion.
Infinity Ward
Warzone fired Activision’s huge Q3 2020 earnings to nearly $2 billion.

In raw numbers, this has led to a huge 38% increase in revenue year on year, or a $490 million spike between Q3 2019 and the new Q3 2020 earnings.

“Warzone has really become an incredible addition to the franchise. It’s a central place where we can connect the entire Call of Duty community,” Kotick continued.

“I think maintaining that tight connection to the game is really important, especially for players who want to check out everything Call of Duty has to offer. You saw that with Modern Warfare. We plan to continue that into the future.”

Activision is banking on Warzone's momentum continuing into Black Ops Cold War.
Activision is banking on Warzone’s momentum continuing into Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty has always been a juggernaut seller in the gaming community. It is now expected to continue its momentum into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War early next month.

Black Ops Cold War will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on Nov. 13 with all three connected via crossplay. World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Shadowlands, is also finally set to drop soon after, on Monday, Nov. 23.