Overwatch pro reveals tricky Doomfist combo to counter Junkrat

Theo Salaun
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Blizzard Entertainment

Even years after its original release, Overwatch players are still learning new tips and tricks. That’s proven to be the case with Doomfist, as a pro player just stunned fans with a new combo that’s perfect against Junkrat.

As far as counters go, Doomfist and Junkrat have an interesting relationship. While Junk doesn’t have the constant mobility to slip away from Doom, he does have the traps and damage to be an intimidating presence.

But, while the two heroes can get spicy when face-to-face — Junkrat’s ultimate is an entirely different beast. RIP-Tire moves fast, has 100 health, and does a lot of damage on impact, making it a scary ability for heroes that can’t shoot it down from afar.

Doom, limited by mobility cooldowns and whose only ranged attack does about 66 damage max, is typically at the mercy of angry Junkrats. But Contenders DPS Elliot ‘TR33’ Chu has figured out a sneaky counter.

As you can see in the clip, TR33 had just finished their Meteor Strike and was landlocked as a RIP-Tire came their way. But, instead of getting scared and trying to use abilities to get away, they stood their ground.

Looking a RIP-Tire in its eyes is usually a death sentence, but TR33 employed a quick combo to shut it down: one Hand Cannon shot immediately into a Rising Uppercut.

Combining the former ability’s damage with the uppercut’s 50 damage, TR33 was able to instantly shut down the tire of doom. A moment later, they had surged forward and killed the Junk off for good measure.

junkrat overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat is a scary fella, especially when his tire is out and about.

While this combo is very difficult to pull off mechanically, it’s also scary mentally — as everyone knows how devastating a RIP-Tire can be.

But, while risky, it’s actually fairly genius. A RIP-Tire does between 60 and 600 damage depending on proximity to its target, meaning that it has to get pretty close to a Doom to explode through all 250 of his health.

With that in mind, it makes sense that, when confronted by Junk’s ultimate, the smartest move for a Doom is to attack it head-on instead of trying to run away. If the Junk tries to detonate it early, Doomfist will be too far away to get killed — and if he tries to get too close, well, a Hand Cannon and Rising Uppercut should do the trick.