Overwatch fan's Police Tracer skin makes for perfect duo with Officer D.Va - Dexerto

Overwatch fan’s Police Tracer skin makes for perfect duo with Officer D.Va

Published: 20/Mar/2021 23:57

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has come up with an ingenious skin design for Tracer that turns her into a police officer, and it’s one that’s closer to actually making it in the game than most.

Overwatch fans love making their own custom looks for their favorite heroes, no secret there. But, it’s not everyday you get feedback from a senior Blizzard artist, which is just what happened to Allison Yu with her “Tracer Police skin” design.

Yu, who will be working as a concept intern with the Overwatch team this summer at Blizzard, said it all started out as she was trying to come up with ideas for skins to practice on good old Tracer.


Allison Yu
An early sketch of Police Tracer.

Picking the police role for the quick DPS was the easy part, but according to the artist deciding what kind of headwear to give her is what turned out to be tricky.

“I tried to brainstorm what kind of the roll she might fit from thinking about her personality, she’s really helpful and bright cheerful person with cool shape languages so I believed police would be a right role for her,” Yu told Dexerto.

“I tried with the British police hat on her as well, but the British police hat was too round and I felt she’s more of a sharp shape language character, so I went back to the classic hat.”


Police Tracer has her handcuffs badge, and the appropriate pair of sunglasses to hand out some speeding tickets in. It’s an impressive amount of detail put into what’s basically one half of the design, which Yu found out is exactly what makes a great Tracer skin from an actual Blizzard artist.

“Looking at the original tracer concept I found her lower body part it’s best to stay empty, all the information and detail should be build in upper body.

“Overwatch senior artist Qiu Fang gave me a lot of feedback on this practice piece so I learned a lot.”


Allison Yu
Cheers love, 5-0’s here!

We did mention earlier that Yu will be working as a concept intern for Blizzard this summer. This will put her only a few degrees of separation away from the senior Overwatch team and Jeff himself. So this skin is definitely going to show up then, right? Well, if only it were that easy.

“I don’t think it will be in game,” Yu said. “It’s just a practice to get warmed up before the internship.”

Even if it is just practice, we think it’s clean enough to merit at least some consideration from the higher ups, and there’s nothing lore-wise saying Tracer couldn’t dress up as a British police officer for a future event.