Overwatch players discover new DVa bomb trick on Rialto to surprise enemies

Alan Bernal

Overwatch players have found a clever trick with D.Va’s bomb on Rialto that sends her mech to the skies for a punishing play that can devastate entire teams.

Heading into the second portion of Rialto, there’s a canal that splits the first half of the map apart from the latter stages that have more narrow corridors. While jumping into the water is deadly in and of itself, players have found a ton of use for the boats that pass by.

Now the Overwatch community are finding a way of making D.Va’s ult pop up using those boats, which could be useful if timed correctly.

At first, a clip showing D.Va’s launching the mech at boats baffled players who would later see the Self Destruct explode above the bright. But after a bit of testing, Overwatch players are getting the new tech down.

“So I tried to replicate it and discovered that if you hit a boat in the right angle, the D.Va bomb will fly pretty far up in the sky as you can see in the video,” Reddit user ‘TheEnhancedEve’ said.

“It’s very inconsistent and there is a small sweet spot, but maybe someone can find a way to make it more consistent.”

Well the Reddit forums always deliver when it comes to perfecting strange Overwatch strats, and user ‘Purple_Jay’ found a more consistent way of pulling off the trick.

They boiled down the D.Va boat launch to four basic steps:

  • Put the bomb down in the middle between the front end of the boat and the seats
  • Use bomb just as the boat is approaching its highest point in the water (It floats up and down slightly)
  • Don’t hold jump out of mech, otherwise the timing will be wrong
  • Land directly next to the bomb and give it two little nudges towards the wall.

It doesn’t seem like this will be the easiest trick to pull off in an Overwatch game, but if done right it could really turn the tide on Rialto.