Overwatch players discover damage bug for Winston and Doomfist

Bill Cooney

Players recently discovered an apparent bug in Overwatch that prevents Doomfist and Winston from dealing damage to heroes who stand in a certain spot on Numbani.

It’s hard to tell how long the bug has actually been in the game, but players have just begun to notice and test the glitch out.

Since only damage from Doomfist and Winston seems to be affected, players in the area are far from invincible, but the bug can definitely throw players for a loop.

A clip of the bug was posted to /r/Overwatch by user ruth_fos, who shared a clip of Winston’s Tesla Cannon not doing any damage to a soldier perched on a ledge in Numbani’s third point.

In response to ruth_fos’s video, another user posted a clip they had saved of Doomfist’s ultimate failing to even scratch an opponent in the same spot during a different game.

For some reason, most likely due to a bug, damage from Winston’s jump and Tesla Cannon as well as Doomfist’s ultimate, doesn’t register in the spot.

So, if players happen to be in this exact spot and hear Doomfist pop his ultimate, there is a safe spot they can hop to and avoid it, for now at least.

Winston’s ultimate doesn’t do any damage or knockback either to players who are standing on the ledge.

Since this is a bug, Blizzard will more than likely patch it out or fix it fairly soon, probably before the start of The Overwatch League on February 14, 2019.

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