Overwatch players discover a game-breaking bug on Eichenwalde

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch players have discovered a major bug exploit with Symmetra on Eichenwalde.

A Symmetra bug gives her the ability to reach a location in which she is effectively invulnerable but still able to deal massive damage over what is already perhaps the toughest choke point for attackers to break through.

The bug appears to be with Symmetra’s teleporter, which was changed in her rework to a regular ability rather than an ultimate. Since the change, however, players have noticed some instances in which the teleporter can create some strange interactions with the game’s geography.

In this case, it appears Symmetra can use the teleporter to get inside the roof of the building on the left side of the bridge that acts as the first choke-point in stage one of Eichenwalde.

Once inside, it seems Symmetra can place turrets within the wall that will still target enemies outside, meaning they can deal damage but not be destroyed. Symmetra can also fire at the enemy while remaining largely invulnerable.

Overwatch player u/lea87crzz encountered a team taking advantage of the bug.

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While the wall will block most attempts at removing the Symmetra, one possibility to deal with this exploit could be to use Hanzo’s ultimate, Dragonstrike. While it’s obviously frustrating to have to use an ultimate ability to counter a bug, it at least offers a potential counter should you run into this in a match.

It’s also advisable that players do not attempt to use this bug themselves. Even though it’s currently possible to do so, Blizzard have historically been willing to punish players retroactively for utilizing clear exploits like this that obviously break the intended rules of the game.

*Update: January 21* 

It appears the exploit can also be used on the first stage of Dorado. Overwatch player u/PuddleLake captured footage of multiple members of an opposing team using the exploit to reach an invulnerable position while defending.

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