Overwatch players aren’t happy about the game’s new menu screen

The second season of the Overwatch League is here and to celebrate, Overwatch introduced a bright white menu screen that is rubbing some players the wrong way.

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It’s not the first time Overwatch has put an all white background on the main menu, and it’s not the first time fans have complained about it, either.

The Overwatch anniversary event features an all white background, and causes plenty of complaints each year.

A recent post to the Overwatch subreddit by user Owlero complaining about the new menu already has over 16,000 upvotes.

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The effects can be especially glaring just after a game, which takes you from a darker screen to the blinding white light of the main menu.

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A few clever Reddit users suggested that having the lights on in the same room while playing could lessen the strain on the eyes, but it did little to placate the mob.

Owlero even made a hilarious visual representation of the retinal assault that happens when a player opens a loot box in the white void menu.

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Sure some people won’t have a problem with the new menu, but those people probably don’t see any problem with using Discord’s light mode either.

Compared to other problems players are having with Overwatch, the color or brightness of the main menu might not be too pertinent, but it’s definitely attracted plenty of attention.

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There’s been no word on whether a fix or a night mode will ever be available for Overwatch’s white menu screens, so for now players will just have to suffer through it for at least the first weekend of Overwatch League.