Overwatch Player Shows Off the Power of Teamwork with the New Symmetra Teleporter

The Symmetra overhaul is finally available for testing on the Overwatch PTR, and already players are finding creative ways to make the most of her new kit.

After months in development, players can at last try out the new version of Symmetra, which includes significant changes to her whole suite of abilities.

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One of the biggest changes is that Symmetra’s ultimate ability, the Teleporter, is no longer an ultimate but rather a standard skill. When the Teleporter was Symmetra’s ultimate ability it could of course be used far less frequently, and wherever the exit was spawned, the entrance would appear within the team’s spawn room.

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Now that the Teleporter is an ability, however, it can be used with less caution, as the cost of having it destroyed is much lesser. More importantly, though, is the fact that the entry now spawns wherever Symmetra is on the map, allowing her to create pathways around the map, rather than just a fast route out of spawn.

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The other change to the teleporter is the objects that can pass through it. Now, certain ultimate abilities like Junkrat’s Riptire or D.Va’s exploding mech can also travel through the teleporters, opening up new synergies that previously didn’t exist.

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With those abilities specifically, it means the opportunity to use the teleporter to deliver a massive explosion into the midst of an unsuspecting enemy team.

Overwatch player NeedlesBF demonstrated just how powerful plays like that can be in a PTR game on Gibraltar. Rather than throwing the self-destruct towards the enemy team, NeedlesBF instead sent the mech in the opposite direction, into a teleported that dropped it right into the back line.

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Such plays already begin to show off the implications that the new Symmetra could have, with the changes not just being a buff to her own capabilities but also creating brand-new synergies and team-play options for smart players to exploit.

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