Overwatch player shares perfect tactic to improve Pharah’s ultimate


This Overwatch player might have discovered the secret to improving Pharah’s already potent ultimate with this simple trick.

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Pharah remains a popular pick in Overwatch due to her excellent mobility and less punishing style of play, since her rockets offer a bit of splash damage for the less accurate players out there.

Her ultimate can completely turn the tide of a match, as she’s able to lay waste to an area by raining down missiles on her enemies.

Blizzard EntertainmentPharah is one of Overwatch’s original heroes.
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“Justice rains from above!”

Overwatch just celebrated its third anniversary, but there are still numerous tricks players can learn, even after all this time. This player was able to show just how to maximize Pharah’s ultimate to get the full effect out of it.

By launching Pharah’s rocket barrage through a window, it lowers the hitbox, and allows you to focus it better on an area. One thing you’ll certainly have to watch out for is hitting the wall in front of you and actually killing yourself instead of the enemy.

Most Pharah players would use their ultimate in the air so you’ll actually be able to catch a good number of players off guard if you come through a window, instead of above.

(Mobile viewers, click here to watch the clip on Streamable.)

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Overwatch features a lot of free weekends and discounts on the game, so these tips could certainly help newer players grow more acquainted with it. 

Pharah is definitely one of the easier characters to pick up and learn, but it can take a while to perfect her as you’ll definitely want to get direct shots with your rockets rather than relying on splash damage all the time.

As far as DPS heroes go, it’s hard to go wrong with Pharah in pretty much any team composition, and this tip will certainly come in handy in certain scenarios.