Overwatch player reveals hilarious truth about Zarya’s stun

. 2 years ago
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One Overwatch player has found that Zarya’s movement after being stunned is different than any other hero in the game, which can make her a harder target to hit.

There are a few abilities in Overwatch that temporarily stun heroes, the most notable being Brigitte’s Shield Bash and McCree’s Flashbang Grenade.

Almost every hero reacts the same way to being stunned: they snap their heads back before returning to their original position – except for Zarya, that is.

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Go ahead and stun her, see if she cares.

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As Reddit user TheStormsFury demonstrated, only she has an additional movement along with the stun animation that can make her tougher to headshot.

I was wondering why I’ve been having trouble double-clicking Zarya’s head after flashbanging her,” Fury explained. “Turns out her stun animation is somewhat different.”

As Fury’s video shows, Zarya (besides having a tiny head) also moves her head back, to the front, which is unlike any other hero’s stun animation.

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As you can probably guess, this makes Zarya harder to headshot after a stun, the main way of taking out incapacitated enemies with McCree, since her animation isn’t what players are used to.

Players have complained for years that the Russian tank is more difficult to crit than others, but this example does a great job of showing how it’s actually true, in one situation at least.

If you’re playing as Brigitte, though, you don’t need to worry about the animation at all, since her weapon can’t register critical hits in the first place.

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Brigitte doesn’t care about headshots, she can spam her mace and be just fine.

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It’s unknown how long Zarya has reacted to stuns like this, but it very likely could have been around from day one, and TheStormsFury has just been the first one to prove there is a difference.

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