Overwatch player predicted Ashe all the way back in 2017

Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch player hit the nail on the head over a year ago when they predicted the game’s new hero Ashe, to a T.

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The prediction was posted to the Blizzard Overwatch forum by user ‘war’ and was reposted to Twitter by their friend WorldTree__.

In the post, which was heavily downvoted at the time, war asks if anyone else thinks another “McCree like hero would be cool?”

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“What if this was McCree’s pissed-off ex-gf that used to be a partner but got dumped or left behind when he joined Blackwatch,” war wrote in their post.

They also nail her kit, writing “Wielding an upgraded lever-action rifle, a sawed-off/coach shotgun as a sidearm.”

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The rest of war’s prediction isn’t as accurate, Ashe doesn’t have a whip, or a Derringer, that we know of at least.

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Ashe was revealed during BlizzCon’s opening ceremonies by Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan and immediately took the game’s community by storm.

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