Overwatch player makes Mercy incredibly OP with motorized mouse wheel

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One Overwatch player has single-handedly revolutionized the Mercy meta with one simple addition: a motorized mouse wheel.

Mercy is one of the OG Overwatch heroes, healing teammates since the game first came out in 2016.

Six years later with Overwatch 2 right on the horizon, you might think players have found all the tricks there are to find.

However, one player is changing the game yet again with a genius invention that makes Mercy incredibly OP.

Motorized mouse wheel a whole new world of Mercy play

Twitch streamer Evil Toaster revealed the big-brained strat on Twitter, with a clip of him encountering a player who had fitted a motor to the wheel of their mouse for next-level Mercy play.

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The mouse wheel is used to switch between the healer’s damage and healing beams, and by fitting a motor to it, the player was able to essentially use both at the same time.

“If you’re not doing this you’re just throwing tbh,” Toaster said. “Me to any other mercy player from now on: ‘No motor?'”

Some users even said the technique reminded them of the classic Cassidy strat of taping a magnifying glass to your screen in order to zoom in with the hero.

Using a motorized mouse cheating?

Attaching a motor to your mouse IRL to quickly switch between damage and healing basically does the same thing as some cheats would, and could probably be reported as such.

Whether or not that would actually happen all depends on your teammates and opponents. Cheating or not though, it just goes to show that Overwatch players are some of the most creative out there to this day.

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