Overwatch player discovers powerful Brigitte trick

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has discovered an amazing new technique with Brigitte.

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Twitch streamer arek247 showed off the powerful technique after it was discovered by his friend CapyOW.

By using some of Brigitte’s abilities in combination, CapyOW discovered a way to perform a boosted jump, allowing Brigitte to travel further and faster than she otherwise would.

Arguably the most versatile support hero, Brigitte’s kit only really lacks for mobility options. As a result, tricks like this can be incredibly powerful, allowing players to catch their opponents of guard or join in on a dive more effectively.

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CapyOW and arek247 also tested out some of the capabilities of this trick, finding a variety of spots on different maps at which it could allow Brigitte to traverse the map either more quickly or in a different way than would usually be possible.

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In some cases, the use of this trick could be legitimately game changing. On Junkertown, for instance, Brigitte is able to launch herself over to the high-ground where teams often set up, which could be used to immediately disrupt a composition designed to place and defend a Bastion.

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The method also allows for an edge-boost similar to that which could be done with Brigitte’s Shield Bash on the PTR before her release. Hitting certain edges at the right angle sends Brigitte upwards, allowing her to reach locations or take shortcuts she otherwise couldn’t.

Unfortunately, it’s quite likely that this technique will be fixed in a patch once Blizzard becomes aware of it, as the original Shield Bash boost was. In the meantime, however, this could be a very valuable trick to hit unsuspecting enemies with.

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