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Overwatch player demonstrates an interesting B.O.B. strategy

Published: 10/Dec/2018 23:23 Updated: 10/Dec/2018 23:38

by Bill Cooney


Everyone seems to love B.O.B., so it’s no surprise that Overwatch players are already coming up with creative ways to utilize Ashe’s ultimate ability and butler.

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Almost immediately after Ashe was revealed at BlizzCon in November 2018, fans latched on to her sidekick and Omnic bodyguard B.O.B., even successfully petitioning to have him included with Ashe’s golden weapon set.

Players have also been trying out all kinds of strategies with B.O.B., and sending him off plenty of cliffs, but now it seems that some players have discovered the Omnic is somewhat mobile, after his initial charge in.


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In the clip posted to Reddit by user Drunken_Queen, B.O.B. is sent out close to the end of the third point on Route 66 and as the fight rages on, the player on Roadhog gets behind B.O.B. and is able to slowly walk forward and push Ashe’s ultimate in front of them.

This gets B.O.B. into a better position to allow him to do something, and could be an interesting technique for teams to mess around with.

You can push BOB from r/Overwatch

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He also acts as somewhat of a shield in the clip due to the position of the payload, which is a good thing because it seems that B.O.B. can only be moved very slowly when walking normally.


Ashe and B.O.B. have only been in Overwatch for a few weeks, so we’re sure to see more creative uses of their abilities as people play them more and more.