Overwatch player accused of hitting max SR by cheating, but Blizzard still hasn’t banned them

Terry Oh

An Overwatch player managed to hit the highest-possible rank, maxing out their SR, by allegedly wintrading their way to to very top of the ranked ladder. However, despite player complaints, Blizzard hasn’t banned them yet.

As a competitive team based shooter, Overwatch takes pride in its ranked system — with players coming together to climb and prove themselves to be the best. However, some believe there’s little cheating mitigation practices in place to protect the competitive integrity of the game.

In recent news, Overwatch player ‘FANKDA‘ reached the literal highest possible rank: 5000 SR. This would make him the second player in Overwatch history to do so — but the community is in resound agreement of not giving them the title, alleging he did so while blatantly cheating.

FANKDA reportedly wintraded, exploiting the matchmaking system on Overwatch’s console version to guarantee wins. Wintrading is when players intentionally throw the game to guarantee a win for an acquaintance on the other team. This cheating technique works better with a bigger group of people, increasing the probability of matchmaking exploitation.


Not much information is known as to how many players were in on the wintrading, but in the video, the Overwatch player can be heard celebrating with what sounds like a massive group of friends. These may be the players they were wintrading with.

FANKDA has been exposed for wintrading numerous times previously, hence the immense speculation around his latest achievement.

Some on social media have pondered the efforts needed to wintrade to the top: “Wonder how many wins that took, don’t you get like 1-5 SR per win past 4700-ish?”

Another replied: “How many wins, how much money. Jesus f**k people have more money [and] time than sense.”

However despite the accusations Blizzard are yet to take action to ban FANKDA for the achievement, keeping speculation rife about its legitimacy.