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Overwatch’s Malevento map finally available: New FFA map with Tuscan flair

Published: 29/Sep/2021 10:59

by Brad Norton


Another new Deathmatch map was added to the mix in a surprise August 26 Overwatch PTR update, and Malevento is now out on all platforms now

Over nine months removed from the last free-for-all deathmatch map in Kanezaka, the latest addition has finally arrived. Having been on the PTR since August 26, the Malevento map is now out for all players on consoles and PC.

The stunning map is set in an Italian mountainside with lush surroundings spanning as far as the eye can see. In the very center of the new location is a secret Talon base that players will fight around.


As a daytime battleground, you’ll be soaking up the sun as Malevento stands out as one of the more vibrant maps in Overwatch to date.

Overwatch Malevento map
Malevento is a sunny new Deathmatch map in Overwatch.

The new area features a mix of both tight corridors and more open outdoor areas, leading to a blend of close-quarters combat while still leaving the door open for the likes of Widowmaker to excel from afar.

As the fourth Deathmatch map in Overwatch, Malevento was designed from the ground up with free-for-all in mind. This means you won’t be seeing it in Elimination, Capture The Flag, or various other Arcade modes anytime soon.


Overwatch Malevento map
Malevento takes players to a secret Talon base in Italy.

This marks the latest map released in Overwatch and could very well be the final new map before Overwatch 2 is released.

With a wide range of new maps expected for the sequel, there’s plenty to look forward to. Be sure to brush up with everything we know about Overwatch 2.