Strange Overwatch glitch gives Mercy new facial expression

overwatch mercy glitch facial expressionActivision Blizzard

While wielding Mercy’s pistol in Overwatch, a player noticed a strange graphical glitch that distorts the character’s facial expression.

Counting among the original Overwatch heroes that Blizzard deployed at launch, Mercy has long constituted a franchise mainstay.

Mercy’s status as a Support hero makes her a guardian angel of sorts, which her winged Valkyrie Suit accentuates tenfold.

But even veteran Overwatch characters fall victim to the occasional gameplay bug or graphical error. As such, players have found that her angelic-like form does not always shine through in certain instances.

A bizarre Overwatch glitch distorts Mercy’s facial features

overwatch mercy face glitchActivision Blizzard
Mercy in Overwatch.

In the Overwatch subreddit, Hannon_ shared a gameplay clip of a bizarre facial expression bug that only occurs when Mercy wields her pistol and performs the Hello emote.

A little over halfway through the short video, Mercy’s face distorts to such a degree that she bears the look of someone in distress.

Reddit users in the thread like Ul1_2004 and Chozo-trained joked that she resembles a Jimmy Neutron characters, particulary his mother. It’s a pretty uncanny resemblance.

In response to claims that the footage only represented lower PC settings, Hannon_ said their “texture and model settings are on high.”

They demonstrated as much in the following YouTube video:

The original poster went on to add that this particular Overwatch facial glitch for Mercy occurs across all graphical settings.

Though players continue to enjoy the thrill of the first Overwatch title, a sequel will arrive in the months ahead.

Blizzard plans to ship Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, October 4; however, a couple of betas have allowed players to enjoy work-in-progress builds.

The first beta period ran from late April to mid-May; the second session ended on July 18. While a third beta session will reportedly go live ahead of launch, Blizzard has yet to make a formal announcement.