Overwatch meets Marvel’s Avengers in epic Infinity War trailer

Published: 2/May/2020 20:27 Updated: 2/May/2020 21:50

by Theo Salaun


An Overwatch fan has put together an awesome Avengers: Infinity War crossover trailer featuring the characters of Blizzard’s popular game. 

Crossovers work best when there is at least some connection between the elements involved. In Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s superheroes join together to face off against bad guys, led by a large man who wants six shiny stones for his golden fist and, ultimately, to destroy half of the world.

In Overwatch, the heroes have special abilities and must join together to battle Talon, a terrorist group led by a large man who wants 3,000 competitive points to obtain a golden fist and, ultimately, to destroy much of the world.


Sure, there are some differences between Overwatch and Avengers: Infinity War. But there are enough similarities for us to get on board.

While Overwatch may not have had Marvel Studios’ budget (estimated at $316-400 million), it still has the characters ripe for an Avengers parody. Redditor ‘RobCee3’ proved so by putting together a surprisingly spot-on parody of Infinity Wars’ official trailer.

Using the trailer’s audio and Overwatch’s visual assets, RobCee3 details a story that fits the narration perfectly. 

Overwatch: Infinity Wars from Overwatch


There’s the montage of Overwatch heroes during the trailer’s initial team composition phase, hordes of sinister Bastions (much like the aliens swarming Wakanda) and the Doomfist chuckling emote and audio when Thanos mentions that “this does put a smile on my face.”

As a prime example of this trailer’s attention to detail, Doomfist arrives from a puff of smoke at 1:11—just like Thanos does in the original trailer.

But, while much of the trailer uses in-game character models and maps, the greatest part of the trailer has to be the intro credits. RobCee3 uses Overwatch’s various comics to put together a fluttering montage of flipping pages as a clean segue into Blizzard’s logo. It’s not a perfect replication of the intro credits from Infinity War’s trailer, but it does cleanly mimic Marvel Studios’ typical intros. 

Blizzard Entertainment
Aside from new heroes, maps and game modes, Overwatch 2 is expected to have upgraded character models.


With Overwatch 2 expected to release in October 2020, one can only hope that our dear Redditors will rise to the task and mimic Avengers: Endgame’s trailer with the graphic improvements we expect from Overwatch’s sequel.

A resounding bravo must be awarded to RobCee3, but now the bar is set and we have high hopes for whatever comes next. And if we can make any requests ahead of Overwatch 2, we’d have to ask for a parody of the Office’s intro.


Overwatch 2 reportedly won’t release in 2021, new heroes “unlikely”

Published: 26/Jan/2021 20:47

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch 2 report is further casting doubt on the sequel releasing in 2021, but it hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of new heroes coming out for the current game.

Lots of new rumors about Overwatch 2 have been swirling lately, with notable insider Metro, who originally leaked info about the game prior to its announcement, claiming development is proceeding very slowly.

Now, an Overwatch League source has reportedly claimed that the 2021 season will only be played on one game.

According to a report from The Game Haus’ Robert Hanes, a team source revealed that the reason the season was delayed to April was for teams to get players’ visas approved and so the league could figure out the format.

Blizzard Entertainment
We’ve been waiting on Overwatch 2 news for what seems like forever.

This, unfortunately, rules out any hope fans may have had that the season’s delay was a sign that Overwatch 2 would be releasing soon.

While this doesn’t rule out a potential beta version of Overwatch 2 being released, especially with BlizzCon 2021 in February, it’s unlikely we get the full game in any capacity.

That all said, the source does have some potentially good news. When asked about new heroes coming in the 2021 season, the source said “TBD on new heroes, but seems unlikely.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 is heavily focused on PvE gameplay.

Previously, the Overwatch devs have said that Echo would be the last hero released for the original game, so even getting a “to be decided” on this could give us a touch of hope.

If development is going very slow, it’s possible the devs may throw fans a bone in the form of a new hero to tide them over in the meantime.

The OWL season is scheduled to begin in April and conclude a few months later. Assuming a new hero isn’t revealed at BlizzCon, the only logical point to introduce a new character could be in-between one of the four tournaments.

Push game mode in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
“Push” is a new game mode coming to Overwatch 2.

This narrows down the possible timeframes where a new hero could make their way to the game while still being playable during the season.

In any case, we’ll hopefully learn a lot more about Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon, but at this rate, don’t expect to see a release date.