Overwatch leak claims to reveal 2020 Anniversary Event date

. 2 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

A leaker may have revealed the date of the 2020 Overwatch Anniversary Event, and it could be coming a lot sooner than fans think.

In a post on the Competitive Overwatch Subreddit, user ‘Bloomer_ow’ claimed that PTR patch 1.48 would be hitting the live servers on Tuesday, May 12 – and that the Anniversary will come with it.

Bloomer has a history of accurate patch leaks. On April 21, he claimed that there would be an Experimental Mode patch the very next day, and there indeed was one.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Anniversary Event brings some amazing skins.

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Additionally, the user says he previously went by the name ‘tokycheat,’ and was responsible for a series of other leaks that proved to be true.

The Anniversary Event is one of Overwatch’s most prestigious LTMs, with all previous event skins and cosmetics being available for purchase or in special loot boxes.

Previous Anniversary Events also brought back popular limited-time arcade modes, such as Junkenstein’s Revenge, Archives, and Lucio Ball.

Blizzard Entertainment
Are you ready for some Lucio Ball?

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If Bloomer’s leak is accurate, this will be the earliest that the Anniversary Event has ever gone live in the month of May. In 2017, the event began on May 23. In 2018 it started on May 24 and last year it ran from May 22 to June 11.

Bloomer doesn’t seem to be the only leaker in town either; insider ‘OverwatchNaeri’ claimed that new videos had been pre-registered on the game’s YouTube channel, but provided no further information.

Normally, Blizzard will build up hype for their events by pre-releasing videos of new skins and event celebration clips, so it’s possible that they could have been uploaded to the company’s social media channels.

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It will be interesting to see if the event does in fact hit the live servers on May 12, but given the previous start dates, we should be seeing it in May at some point regardless.

So, you better save your coins in case there’s a new skin that really blows your mind.

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