Overwatch League Stage 3 changes – new map, replays and more

Joe O'Brien
L: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment, R: Blizzard Entertainment

Several exciting new features are being added to the Overwatch League as it heads into the third stage of its second season.

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Stage 3 of the Overwatch League is due to kick off on Thursday, June 6, and will be played on the June 3 patch, version 1.36, for the duration of the stage.

In addition to the standard hero balance updates that occur with each patch change, for Stage 3 the Overwatch League is also getting some brand-new features that will help enhance the viewing experience and give the league a fresh look for fans.

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New “Match of the Week” schedule

For Stage 3 onwards, the Overwatch League will also have a fixed slot for “Match of the Week” games that will take place on Sunday.

By utilizing a flex scheduling system, the OWL will be able to move key match-ups in the otherwise-fixed schedule so that some of the most interesting matches, such as those between division leaders, will be in a time-slot that should be viewable by the maximum number of fans, as mid-week matches take place at times that can be awkward for some time zones.

The Match of the Week games for Stage 3 will be as follows:

  • Week 1: Excelsior vs. Spitfire—Sunday, June 9, noon PDT
  • Week 2: Dynasty vs. Shock—Sunday, June 16, noon PDT
  • Week 3: Fuel vs. Hunters—Sunday, June 23, noon PDT
  • Week 4: Titans vs. Gladiators—Sunday, June 30, noon PDT
  • Week 5: Mayhem vs. Reign (Atlanta Homestand)— Sunday, July 7, 12:30 PDT

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Blizzard Entertainment
Havana will join the Overwatch League map pool for Stage 3.

Havana joins the map pool

New Escort map Havana was introduced with the Storm Rising Overwatch Archives event, and now is set to make its debut in the Overwatch League map pool.

As usual, the Stage 3 map pool will consist of 12 maps – three of each game type – so that teams don’t have to practice all 21 of the game’s current competitive maps at once. The full map pool for Stage 3 is as follows.


  • Ilios
  • Oasis
  • Nepal


  • Paris
  • Volskaya Industries
  • Horizon: Lunar Colony


  • Hollywood
  • Eichenwalde
  • Numbani


  • Havana
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Dorado

Overwatch League Replays

Following on the heels of the new Replays System currently in testing on the PTR, Overwatch League fans will soon have access to full replays for OWL matches, allowing them to watch back the games with full observer capabilities.

Unfortunately, this feature will only be available to those with access to a PC as it requires a special Professional Viewer client to be downloaded. Matches will be available in the Professional Viewer on Mondays in the Americas after each week concludes and on Tuesday everywhere else.