Overwatch League coach hilariously mocks NYXL in deleted tweet - Dexerto

Overwatch League coach hilariously mocks NYXL in deleted tweet

Published: 12/Aug/2019 17:50 Updated: 12/Aug/2019 18:10

by Michael Gwilliam


Guangzhou Charge analyst Henry ‘Cuddles’ Coxall put the New York Excelsior on blast after his team dominated them by a score of 4-0 in the Overwatch League on Sunday, August 11. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Cuddles mocked NYXL writing, “Hey @NYXL, thanks for the game. I just wanted to show you what Point B on Anubis and Blizzard World looks like. Shame you couldn’t get there. Heard it’s a nice place. :^) don’t forget to check out the gift shop.” 

Cuddles jokingly attached photos of Point B on each map. 

He followed it up shortly after with: “*UPDATE* turns out NYXL’s travel plans were cut short on Route 66 too… So here you go, Route 66 Point B, don’t say I don’t spoil you!”

The New York Excelsior were humiliated by the Charge throughout the match. The all-Korean roster failed to capture point A on Temple of Anubis, Blizzard World and Route 66 after losing Lijang Tower by a score of 2-1. This was one of the most lop-sided matches in the history of the league.

u/FoxyFry on r/OverwatchTMZCuddles mocked the NYXL in a now-deleted tweet

For some reason, Cuddles deleted the tweets after posting them, but not before they had been posted on the OverwatchTMZ subreddit. No reason was given for the deletion. Dexerto has reached out to the assistant coach for comment. It’s unfortunate because good trash talk can help build rivalries organically.

The Charge are currently in the playoff picture with a 14-13 match record. New York, on the other hand, has already locked up the Atlantic division and the second seed in the league heading into playoffs. 

There are currently two weeks remaining in the Overwatch League regular season. The top six teams will qualify for playoffs while teams ranked 7-12 will compete in a play-in tournament with two final teams claiming the final two spots. 

The overall league playoffs will be an 8-team double elimination bracket with the Grand Finals taking place in Philadelphia on September 29. 

Ben Pursell For Blizzard EntertainmentJjonak and the NYXL fell to the Charge 4-0.

Overwatch League Stage 4 continues on Thursday, August 15. The NYXL will have a week off to lick their wounds before facing off against the Boston Uprising and Vancouver Titans to close out the season as part of the LA Valiant homestand event.

It will be interesting to see if New York can turn things around before they face off against the top-ranked team in the league.


Fortnite World Cup winner Aqua allegedly banned for FNCS stream-sniping

Published: 25/Oct/2020 0:00 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 1:12

by Theo Salaun


Fortnite World Cup champion and Season 4 FNCS competitor, David ‘aqua’ Wang has been accused of stream-sniping and subsequently been punished by an alleged ban by Epic Games.

At 17 years old, aqua represented his home country of Austria to the fullest by winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup’s Duos event with Norway’s Emil ‘Nyhrox’ Bergquist. With a smooth $1.5 million earned from the World Cup, he’s since signed with Cooler Esport and continued to win competitions across Europe.

Most recently, aqua’s trio (with Rezon and Noahreyli) have been participating in FNCS Europe and, following the Week 3 semis, have been accused of stream-sniping another popular trio: Benjy ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish, Martin ‘MrSavage’ Andersen, and Kevin ‘LeTsHe’ Fedjuschkin.

Although fans initially deemed aqua’s behavior suspicious, things quickly escalated. With Benjyfishy’s team unable to qualify for the Week 3 finals and the discovery that aqua was watching MrSavage’s stream during the competition, the controversy has spiraled.

mrsavage viewers aqua stream sniping
Twitch, @MrSavage
A screenshot of MrSavage’s Twitch stream showing that aqua was watching during the event.

Following condemnations of the World Cup winner’s team, rumors began circulating that aqua, Rezon, and Noahreyli had been banned by Epic Games from participating past the first match of the Finals. 

Although many fans were delighted to hear the news, it was never officially legitimized and has since been made even more unclear by responses from some of the involved parties.

After the rumor mill buzzed with the reports that aqua’s team was banned from competing, he took to Twitter and gave a concise clarification denying those allegations: “We are not banned, we just don’t wanna play. It’s boring without early fighting Benjy.”

Given the difficulty inherent to confirming someone was in fact stream-sniping and didn’t coincidentally run into a fellow streamer, many believe it is unlikely that the World Cup winner has actually been exiled from the competition.

Additionally, some have noted that bans typically result in removal from the leaderboard, something that aqua’s team has not been hit with.


As for how the players are handling it, aqua and Benjyfishy have simply joked about the incident for hours. Neither side appears to be nearly as angry as some fans have been, instead, laughing at the drama and sharing memes.


While whatever’s going on behind the scenes may remain unclear, all players involved are more than good enough to qualify for the Season 4 FNCS Finals at some point, if they haven’t already, so it seems that no one’s really that bothered by the situation, ban or no ban.

We will continue to update this article with more details as they become available.