Overwatch League "celebrates" GOATS meta by bringing live goats on stage - Dexerto

Overwatch League “celebrates” GOATS meta by bringing live goats on stage

Published: 16/Mar/2019 22:51 Updated: 16/Mar/2019 23:00

by Eli Becht


Overwatch‘s meta has been three tanks and three support for quite some time now and the Overwatch League has embraced this by bringing live goats out on stage.

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The current stage of competitive Overwatch has grown a bit stale, to put it modestly. If you’re an Overwatch player then you’ve probably heard the term “GOATS” some way or another and you’re probably actually sick of it.

This refers to the current three tanks, three support meta that’s currently in the game.

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While the Overwatch League initially distanced themselves from the stale meta, they have now embraced it completely by bringing actual live goats onto the stage.


“We want to celebrate and immortalize the meta with some very special friends today,” said the host MonteCristo.

After this, we saw two goats brought out, conveniently named Lucio and Brigitte.

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Lucio and Brigitte are two of the staples of this meta which is why the two goats were named that way. 

The third support can be switched out at will so that’s probably why we were only treated with two goats instead of three.

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This meta has come under fire because of its longevity. Blizzard adds new heroes into the game with semi-regularity but it hasn’t really shaken up the meta at all.


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The GOATS meta dates all the way back to May 2018 so we’re coming up on almost a year since this meta has been in place.

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BlizzardActual goats were brought out to celebrate the GOATS meta.

The current Public Test Realm is testing out various changes that will hope to weaken the GOATS meta and open the door for other team compositions.

These changes are being spearheaded by new hero Baptiste, who is set to debut on the live servers on March 19.