Jeff Kaplan reveals how Overwatch developers would handle role queue

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan gave players a clue on the game’s official forum to how developers would handle role queue, if they ever implement it.

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Role queue or some kind of system like it, has been one of the most talked-about topics in the Overwatch community for awhile now, which even led to Kaplan talking about it recently.

Along with a massive content update to the PTR over the last week, Overwatch developers have also been posting to the game’s official forums and now, Kaplan has revealed how role queue would probably go if it were ever implemented.

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Players are still split over if an enforced “2-2-2” split of tanks, healers, and DPS would produce a viable line-up far more often, but most agree some kind of role queue would be an improvement.

In an interview last week, Kaplan said that Overwatch already had people working on trying to figure out how role queue could be implemented into Overwatch, which could mean the system is already on the way.

Kaplan dropped more hints about a possible role queue later on in the week on the Overwatch forums, telling fans that if Blizzard did implement the system, it would be broken up by SR.[ad name=”article3″]

It certainly seems like Overwatch Developers are looking hard at some kind of role queue, but whether or not it will actually happen is still unknown.

It  certainly seems like the Overwatch devs are trying to increase their communication with the game’s community though, which is always a good thing and looks to have the community exciting once more.

For now, players still have the multitude of hero changes and the newest Overwatch hero, Baptiste, to look forward to.